21 Ways to Stack Your Rings

21 Ways to Stack Your Rings

Stackable rings have taken the fashion world by storm and everyone wants to rock this wearable trend.

As you browse jewellery offers you’ll see that many designers now offer collections of stackable handmade rings. But you don’t have to buy a set of rings to work this look – there is plenty of scope to create your own style using your existing ring collection. To get you started, here are 21 ways to stack your rings.

One Finger to Rule Them all

Stacking a couple of rings on just one finger is a great way to keep this look simple and refined.

Mix your Metals

Who says mixing your metals isn’t cool? Gold or rose gold looks splendid with sterling silver so don’t be afraid to rack ‘em up and experiment with different hues. Just avoid having one hand sheathed in silver and the other purely in gold.

Play Around with Colourful Gemstones

Ditto for fusing your gemstones. Pair a green onyx ring with some pearly moonstone or a contrasting colour such as agate or citrine for a show-stopping juxtaposition. Wear this look for a party or festival.

…Or not!

On the other hand, choosing a cluster of handmade rings that are all decked out with the same colour gemstone is a stylish way to add cohesion to your work or casual look.

Inner Peace

Stack your rings on your peace sign fingers with the ring faces/motifs hidden on the inside. This will add the element of surprise to your look when you make the peace sign!


Skinny Bands

Choose the slenderest rings you can find in the latest jewellery offers to create an oh-so chic minimalist look.

Cuff it Up

Wear your stackable rings with a set of bracelets and cuffs for an edgy, contemporary look.

Teeny Jewels for Maximum Impact

Select skinny gold vermeil stackable rings that are set with minuscule jewels.

Go Monochrome

Wear black and white gemstones such as black onyx and opal with your little black dress for an elegant monochromatic look.

Caught Red Handed

Pair your pearl rings with a fetching red manicure for timeless glamour that will never go out of fashion.


Drape your fingers with luxurious gold (or gold vermeil) stackable rings and coat your nails with the exact same shade. Who said Bond villains get all the fun?

Add Sparkles


Wear sparkly handmade rings with sparkly nails for a fairytale effect.


Swingin’ Sixties 

Pull out any block colour rings you own and channel the swinging sixties look. Team these rings with a minidress, a wide headband and a slick of eyeliner and you’ll rock the mod look.

Geometric cuts

Unite your geometric cut rings to curate an edgy contemporary look that you can rely on for any occasion. Working a black and green onyx ring will work perfectly with this style.

Bridal chic

If you’re married, you can stack your wedding band with your engagement ring and relive your big day ever day. If you later receive an eternity or anniversary ring then you can throw these into the mix.


Keep Things Rosy

Wear only rose gold stackable rings for a dainty, feminine look. Choose handmade rings with intricate carvings to make the hue gleam and dot in some semi precious stones for the sweetest look.

Introduce Texture

Team a chunky thumb ring with a series of skinnier bands to experiment with texture to your fashion sense.

Nail it

Polish your nails with your favourite varnish but choose a contrasting colour for one finger. Then add your chosen rings to that one finger and stack them up! For example, team a green onyx ring with the nail which you painted silver.

Turquoise for Power

Turquoise has been used for centuries as a talisman to protect warriors and kings. If you have an important Zoom meeting coming up then load your fingers with these protective gemstones and you’ll come out feeling strong and unscathed.

Make it a Double

Wear a double ring on one hand and stacking rings on the other for a sleek, minimalist effect.

Knuckle up

Add some punch to your look by playing with the placement of your rings. Position some over your knuckles for a confident finish.