5 Myths About Cheap Eyeglasses That You Should Know

5 Myths About Cheap Eyeglasses That You Should Know

The general notion that being cheap may not offer high-quality was quite prevalent in the bygone eras. With the rapid change in lifestyle, fueled by digital advancement, such general notion falls flat against the rising number of competitive elements in the respective sector. The digital environment not only helped people with the identification of various brands but also served people to offer cheap yet high-quality products.

Consider the case of eyeglasses and sunglasses during the cold war. For the public, an eyeglass would bring only superior readability while the sunglass must be built for better eye protection against the powerful sun rays and UV rays. However, things changed drastically over the last 20 years with the dot.com boom.

In 2021, the major consumers of eyeglasses buy their products online and at such a vast and fast-paced scale of global e-commerce business, competition among all eyewear brands became so intense that it flooded the market with low-cost or cheap glasses.

Top 5 Myths That Surround Cheap Glasses

Many questions may arise while buying eyeglasses and one that would bother most is the price. Again, if you are a regular buyer, you know the multifarious drill. However, this article is meant to provide a deeper insight into cheap prescription eyeglass or sunglass that is rigged with myths and poor information.

1. Cheap Glasses Won’t Provide Quality

The first thing to hit your mind while buying cheap eyeglasses or sunglasses is the quality. Will they last longer than your previous pairs? Will they survive scratches? Will they be durable enough against a crash or a naughty kid? Such questions are natural; however, it is not always true that cheap glasses won’t provide quality. Numerous brands like SmartBuy Collection and Arise Collective have shown consistent quality in their cheapest segment of designer eyeglasses.

2. Cheap Glasses Won’t Provide Comfort

Another common misconception that surrounds cheap glass or sunglass is the comfort factor. Comfort may come from many parameters, like light-weight, optical hinges, and frame shape. If you are really looking for comfort features at a low-cost, then Vision Direct is a notable retailer in Australia that has followed strict protocol to deliver cheap yet robust eyewear products.

3. Cheap Glasses Don’t Fit Well

If the glass is cheap, that doesn’t mean it will not fit properly on your face. There are many arguments to throw here. The glass may not also fit properly if you choose an incorrect measurement. Moreover, the latest generation eyeglasses are fitted with optical hinges to provide the best adjustment and amalgamation with the face structure.

4. Cheap Glasses Can Break Easily

Well, it is not practical to wear cheap glasses when there is a chance of them being damaged. If you are careful of your activities, cheap glasses can last as long as an expensive one. The mere damage factor is a threat to all glasses, not only the cheap ones. A fall from the hand may damage any glass; however, SmartBuy Collection is laced with durable plastic or acetate frames and scratch-resistant lenses.

5. Cheap Glasses Are Not Trendy

Being trendy is a priority for many in 2021 as showcasing selfies and pictures are new standards of our lifestyle in this digital arena. If you notice closely, sunglasses and eyeglasses have always accepted evolution and they have been successful in offering the latest trend to the elite fashionistas and consumers. Similarly, cheap glasses have also evolved to offer a wayfarer to cats-eye look with a plethora of collections in the rimmed and semi-rimmed section.

Top 2 Cheap Glasses That Overcame the Myths

1. SmartBuy Collection Tim 982B

With semi-rimless metal frames, the cheap eyeglass from Tim collection thrashed all myths into a trash box. The square-shaped, blue-colored eyeglass is made for both men and women to splash them with a dazzling informal outfit.

2. SmartBuy Collection Casula AC27D

Women-centric burgundy-colored Casula has trademarked itself with a high volume of sales among Asian women. The full-rimmed acetate frames are durable at a low-cost while offering an amazing product to suit both regular and professional needs.