A Stylish Bridal Nail Art

Your hands will be front and center on your wedding day. They will hold your bouquet, slip your husband’s wedding band on his hand, and of course, will be the center of attention as all of your guests ooh and aah over your own wedding jewelry. To make sure that they look their best, treat your hands to a stylish bridal manicure.

The French manicure used to be the default choice for brides. This classic style, with its neutral base and white tips can be very pretty if done well, but it has also become so common that it may not feel quite as special as it used to. The key to getting a perfect French manicure is to have it done by hand, rather than going to a nail place that uses an airbrush to apply the white tip. The bright white tip looks artificial, even on natural nails. It is so much prettier to have the manicurist carefully brush on the white tip. For an even more fresh and natural look, ask to have one coat of your sheer neutral base color brushed over the white tip. That is a French manicure done right.

Nail art you can actually do at home

Brides who have a more relaxed style may find a French manicure to be too contrived. The best option for these ladies is to have their nails painted in a soft pink, peach, or beige color that is very similar to their skin tone. When the polish is so understated, it becomes even more important to have your hands in tip-top shape. Go to a manicurist who will take the time to get your cuticles into pristine condition. Brides with dry skin may want to indulge in a paraffin manicure to get their hands feeling soft and silky for the wedding.

Bridal manicures do not have to be demure. A deep nailpolish color can be very hip and chic, if it is done well. The most important thing to achieving a look that is stylish rather than garish is to trim the nails short. The best length is just past the fingertips, and a rounded square shape is ideal. If you like the idea of something a little dramatic, it is more stylish to go with a very deep color like eggplant than a very bright one like coral.

Red nails are something that are never out of style, but the bold color can be tricky for a bride to pull off. For one thing, you do not want your nails to draw attention away from your jewelry, in particular the wedding band and engagement ring. Chips will also look terrible in bright red polish, so be sure to get your manicure on the last day before your wedding. The first tip is to stay away from red nailpolish if you are accustomed to wearing pale colors in your day to day life. On the other hand, if red nails are one of your signature accessories, it would be wrong not to have them for your wedding. The one look that is really dated is long red talons with vivid orange-red nail polish. Infinitely better is a medium or short nail painted in a rich red. That effect is glamorous, rather than garish.