Breast Lifting

Breast Lifting

Many women benefit from breast lifting applications today. Because many people are not happy with the current shape of their breasts. Breast lifting offers women a solution in this regard.

With these applications, which are a product of developing technology and medicine, it is possible to achieve the appearance you want in a short time. Since it is performed with general anaesthesia, there is no pain and pain.

The nipples are taken to the pre-planned area during the surgery and the breast tissue is shaped accordingly.

In addition, if necessary, excess skin can be removed from the breast area in the post-operative period. Healdone, which makes use of the latest technology and has expert medical staff, carries out breast lift procedures in a professional way.

Who Can Do Breast Lifting?

Who can have breast lift surgery? These applications can be applied to many women today. However, it should not be a health problem.

As a result of these procedures, you can have a more attractive appearance and feel better spiritually.

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How is Breast Lifting Done?

Breast lift is specially made for each woman. Therefore, first of all, the expectations of the patients are learned, and the necessary plans are made accordingly.

These applications can be made in different ways. If there is a slight sagging, a silicone prosthesis can be placed under the muscle tissue. However, sagging can also be reduced to a serious extent.

What Is Done Before Breast Lifting?

There are some issues that should be considered before having a breast lift. People should stop using aspirin and similar drugs one week in advance.

In addition, eating and drinking activities should be terminated 6 hours before the surgery. If you have a cold, your doctor should be informed about it.

Apart from these, attention should be paid to all the issues mentioned by your doctor. Thus, breast lift can give more successful results.