Frequently Asked Questions about waxing with Essential Beauty!

Frequently Asked Questions about waxing with Essential Beauty!

At Essential Beauty it’s your wax, your way! From brows to bikinis, and everything in between, their qualified Beauty Therapists are highly trained and offer the very best in waxing treatments.

Your wax, your way! They specialize in waxing anyone, on any part of the body! They are particularly famous for their XXX Brazilian Bikini Wax, performing over 4 million bikini waxes since 1990! They qualified and experienced Therapists also specialize in hygienic waxing practices, including the use of disposable waxing spatulas and never double-dipping.

Frequently Asked Questions about waxing

How Often Should I Get Waxed?

As a general rule, they recommend waxing every 4-6 weeks, as this allows enough time for your hair to reach the length needed before being removed. However, everyone’s hair growth rate is different, so some people may find that they need to make their appointments closer together, which is totally normal!

Why Choose Waxing Over Other Hair Removal Methods?

Waxing is a safe and efficient way to remove all the hairs you can see, and the fine hairs you can’t see! Waxing is suitable for all hair colors, thicknesses and skin types, making it suitable for everyone. The Beauty Therapists are highly trained and experienced, and will always ensure your Salon experience is an enjoyable one. Waxing also offers smooth skin with long-lasting results. Your hair will grow back finer, which means that there is no irritation, itchiness or prickliness like you experience after shaving.

Does Face Waxing Hurt?

You might experience a little discomfort which is normal, especially for your first time facial waxing. However, it will hurt less and less every time you come to visit us.

The skin on your face is more sensitive than other areas, so you may experience some slight sensitivity. If you experience extreme sensitivity, chat with your Beauty Therapist.

If you’re worried about pain and sensitivity, try them specially formulated Sensitive Hot Wax, made to be gentle on the skin, but effective in removing unwanted hair.

What Are The Benefits Of Face Waxing?

Face waxing leaves your skin silky and smooth for 2-3 weeks! By removing thick, stubborn growth and all the fine vellus hairs, it makes the perfect blank canvas for makeup. Waxing also removes all hairs from the root, causing the hair follicles to weaken over time, which eventually leads to less growth!  Facial waxing also assists in the absorption of skincare, as no product is left on the surface surrounding the hairs.

How Can I Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

They recommend IngroStopper ingrown hair treatment which removes dead skin cells, dirt and oils from the pore opening, and softens the hair follicle. This prevents the hairs from becoming trapped underneath the surface, resulting in red painful lumps. IngroStopper also conditions the skin and hairs, extending the life of your wax.

Is Bikini Waxing Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is. However, there is an increased blood flow to the area during pregnancy which can make the skin more sensitive, so they recommend asking for Sensitive Hot Wax. If you are unsure if waxing while pregnant is right for you, they suggest checking with your doctor first!

What Aftercare Products Do I Need To Get The Best Results From Waxing?

They recommend IngroStopper to soften the hair follicle and provide gentle exfoliation for all areas of the body prone to ingrown hairs. These areas can include, legs, arms, underarms, back, chest and bikini.

To keep your body hydrated and smooth for longer, they recommend Dalton’s Natural Correcteur Body Emulsion. Containing Vitamin A, C and E, this body cream hydrates and brightens the skin, while helping to maintain a healthy moisture barrier to reduce irritation.

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For the face, they recommend using your prescribed Dalton cleanser, serums and moisturiser daily to keep your skin soft and supple. Some of the favorites include the Dalton Hyaluronic Urea Hydro Boost Cream and the Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask to calm redness and provide added hydration. You can ask your Beauty Therapist to recommend products that would best suit your skin during your visit.

About Essential Beauty

With 30 years experience, and salons across Australia, Essential Beauty have been the experts in waxing, piercing and all things beauty since 1990! they are a network of full service beauty salons specialising in waxing and body piercing, as well as offering brow and lash services, facials, microdermabrasion, spray tanning, quality body jewelry and skincare.

The Essential Beauty story began in 1990 in Adelaide, South Australia, when our first salon opened, with one room of beauty inside a women’s only gym. Essential Beauty’s vision was to take beauty services that were once seen as a luxury or inaccessible and transform them into a necessity, in a convenient, friendly and welcoming environment.

Essential Beauty began franchising salons in 2000 and quickly became the fastest growing franchise in Australia. Today, Essential Beauty has over 400 rooms throughout its network of 65 salons across Australia and proudly employs over 400 Beauty Therapists and Piercing Specialists!

Our mission is to remain an influential driver in the beauty industry with an uncompromising commitment to innovation and exceeding our customer’s expectations. We were the first to offer XXX Brazilian waxing in South Australia. Our cheeky advertising campaigns launched our XXX Brazilian wax and it quickly became a phenomenon, it is still our most popular service today!

In 1995, Essential Beauty were the first to introduce body piercing into a beauty salon setting, traditionally piercings were only done in tattoo shops. Essential Beauty made piercing accessible to fashion forward young men and women that didn’t necessarily fit into tattoo studio clientele in the 90s!

In 2018, Essential Beauty formed an exclusive partnership with the innovative German made skincare brand Dalton Marine Cosmetics. Dalton was founded in 1976 and is loved in over 50 countries! Dalton is exclusively available in Australia through Essential Beauty.

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