How to Choose the Right Fragrance For the Occasion?

Having used a number of different fragrances over the years, I notice that I always ask myself two questions when choosing a new scent. The first question is how do we know what perfume or cologne will be the best fit with our skin chemistry? The second question is what scent will be most suitable for the occasion for which we intend to wear it? There are thousands of different fragrances on today’s market, which makes choosing the right scent even more difficult. Fragrance wearers often choose new scents based on the perfume or cologne that others are wearing. They may notice a fragrance they like on a friend, family member or co-worker and ask them what they are wearing, commenting on the fact that it smells great.

Upon receiving the answer, they visit a fragrance store to try this particular brand and see how well it suits them. Unfortunately, a fragrance that works well on one person is not always well suited to everyone. There are better ways to find a perfect fragrance that you can wear with confidence and discover a great match that will become your personal signature scent for years to come. The intention of this article is to give the future fragrance buyers some guidance that will assist them in making their fragrance selection easier and help them avoid buying perfumes and colognes that are not the right fit for them.

The first step involved in shopping for perfume or cologne is to examine the scent category. Floral fragrances consist of large variety of flowers such as roses, jasmine, lily of the valley and many others. They are sometimes mixed with hints of other subtle scents such as vanilla to create a well balanced lighter fragrance that is perfect for a romantic evening or starry night. Floral fragrances are the largest group to choose from. The citrus fragrances contain a blend of fruits such as lime, tangerine, lemon and mandarin, creating very refreshing aromas. These fragrances are mostly worn during the evening, or in the office. Oriental fragrances derive from mixture of spices, resins, amber, balsams and other exotic aromas. These fragrances are widely used for winter evenings.

The concentration of the scent is next factor to consider when buying a new fragrance. Pure perfume is the most concentrated fragrance and is also the most expensive. It stays on your body for the longest period of time. Cologne has the least concentration of scents. As a lighter fragrance, it is recommended for wear by men and women in the office. Wearing lighter perfume or cologne requires more frequent application since they evaporate much faster, especially in the summer months. The third classification of fragrance is perhaps the most important factor to consider. It is very important to choose right fragrance to match the specific occasion for which it will be worn.

For example, a very strong, pure perfume would be inappropriate to wear at the office. In an office setting, perfumes that are too strong could lead to headaches. For an occasion such as a romantic date, the fragrance wearer should consider wearing one of the floral fragrances, perhaps one with some pheromone scents to attract the opposite sex with seductive appeal. There is a wide variety of romantic fragrances to choose from. The largest groups of the fragrances are casual or daytime wear fragrances, which are universal scents that can be used for many occasions. Evening wear perfumes or colognes are mostly oriental fragrances with blend of spices, resins, amber and other exotic aroma oils, worn to enhance a warm and exotic feeling in the evening.

Here it should be noted that there are some places you shouldn’t wear any fragrances. For instance, fragrances should not be worn in the hospital or when visiting a very ill person. Similarly, in places with crowded conditions such as churches, movie theaters, airplanes and etc., it is not recommended that one wears strong fragrances or in some cases it is best if no fragrance is worn in these locations. When you do choose to wear fragrances in these locations, consider wearing a fragrance that is light.