How To Prep Up Your Skin Before Your D-Day?

Skin Care

One of the biggest concern a would-be bride faces before a wedding is her skin. Like, who doesn’t want to look good on their wedding day? All the eyes are on the bride on a wedding day, and she is the spotlight of the wedding. Moreover, she has to wear tonnes of makeup on her face as well. So having a good skin underneath is very important as it will act as a clean canvas.

Good skin does not only help you to radiate but also protects you from all the thick layers of makeup. You wouldn’t want the chemicals to seep down in your skin, would you? Moreover, it’s not just about getting weekly facials from top makeup artists like the affordable makeup artist in DelhiBut about how you set your beauty regimen right. So, we made a beauty routine that can help you prep your skin before your D-day.

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Step By Step Skin Care Routine

One important thing that you must keep in mind before starting any beauty regimen is the importance of punctuality. You will have to be punctual if you are really keen to attain flawless skin. Follow these easy steps to get your skin ready for the wedding day.


The first step on our list is exfoliating your skin, you must start with exfoliation as it can clear off the dead cells and the old dirt residue from the roots of the skin. It gives a glow that cannot be matched by any of the beauty products. This is because it reduces the dullness of the face, by removing all the dead cells stuck deep inside the face. But don’t forget that you should exfoliate only once a week, as it can leave your face dry.

Double Cleansing

Double Cleansing is a method of removing dirt from your face effectively. This method of cleansing is named so because the face is cleansed with two different face washes in this process. The first step is to clean your face with an oil-based face wash as it will help you to remove all the dirt that has been stuck deep in your skin. Then the next cleanser should be a foam face wash because you need to remove the excess oil from the face that was left on the face in the first step. You can do it twice a day to witness some effective results in a short duration.

Toning It Up

The next step is to soothe your face after all the deep cleansing. Your face needs to come back to the usual pH value and that can be done by applying toner on your face. A toner not only provides nutrients to your face but also helps you to soften the texture of your face.


The next step is to provide deep moisturization to your skin after the all prior steps of cleansing. You must repeat this step thrice a day after washing your face properly, as moisturization is the only way out from the skin issues. It is a big misconception that moisturization is not good for people with oily or combination skin. Moisturizers don’t cause the problems but the sebum released from our face does.

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Sun Block

After moisturizing your skin properly you must apply sunscreen before you go out. As a sunblock will not only protect your skin from the harmful UV rays but also help you to avoid inflammation, discoloration, and other skin issues. But you must keep one important thing in mind, this step is a must and should not be missed as the sun causes a lot of issues that you must avoid at any cause. And the last thing would be to reapply this sun block in every one or two hours for young and healthy skin.

We hope our easy skincare routine can help you get the healthy skin you always desired! For more info, please visit India’s largest online wedding market