How to Use Biafine Cream

How to Use Biafine Cream

We’ve talked about Biafine before, this amazing moisturizer cream that treats and prevents dry, rough, and itchy skin, as well skin irritations. But, right now, we are going to explain a bit how to use Biafine cream, so your experience goes as smoothly as this cream is. In just a few simple steps.

What is Biafine Cream?

Let’s start with What Biafine is. Biafine is a protective and soothing cream that acts effectively on skin with superficial burns such as sunburn, eliminating pain, swelling, and itching, providing a refreshing feeling of relief. So, it is a mixture of ingredients that help to heal minor burns quickly. It also helps as a moisturizer for the skin. It is a French skincare product that is not easy to find in the United States.

Usually, dry skin is caused by a lack of hydration. Biafine cream works by forming an oily layer on top of the skin to keep the water in place, that way improving the health of your skin cells and working as one of the best creams for skin treatment in the market.

Biafine - Emulsion Cream 186g – The French Pharmacy

The Best Way to Apply Biafine Cream

The directed way on the packaging is always the safest bet. Please, carefully follow all directions in the product package. And, remember to always notify your doctor or pharmacist if you see any allergic reactions.

For all skin products, it’s recommended to have a trial period of a couple of days to see how the product works on your skin. Not all people have the same skin type, and other conditions might play a part in how your body reacts to the product. For the most part, there are no side effects of this cream.

Once you’ve read all the indications on the package, apply a small amount to the affected areas of the skin as need or directed. Wait a couple of days to see if there’s an allergic reaction, and repeat this process until the third time you apply the product. If everything it’s good, you shouldn’t have any issue with this cream and you are most definitely ready to start enjoying all of its perks.

There are many ways to use this product. Here, are a few:

  • For dry hands: It’s one of the preferred uses as its moisturizing applications can give you the smoothest of hands in no time. Just use a small amount of the product after washing your hands every day, and wait a couple of weeks to see the full results.
  • Diaper rash treatment: Always check with your pediatrician before applying any product to your little one. But, if you already have the go-ahead. Then proceed to clean the diaper area well before use, and allow it to dry before applying a small amount that will give some comfort to your baby.
  • For sunburn or skin burn treatments: Biafine cream has been known to be used as a skin burn treatment post-radiation. We’ll always recommend you check with your team of caretakers before applying this as a relief for radiation.

When to Use Biafine Cream

After the first few uses, you can use it regularly to get all the benefits that this little bottle brings with it. Some moisturizers are better to use after showering when your skin is damp and clean for healthy absorption of the product. If you have very dry skin, some doctors would recommend soaking the area before applying Biafine cream.

However, if after some time you don’t see any improvements. It’s most likely your doctor needs to check out your skin and you should seek immediate medical attention.

Its use as a nightly cream it’s also recommended, applying it before you go to bed and after cleansing the skin. Just a thin layer is necessary to apply it all over the skin and let it absorb. You might be amazed at the results in the morning!