The Problem Of Thai People’s Lips That Many Of You May Not Have Known Before

The Problem Of Thai People’s Lips That Many Of You May Not Have Known Before

in the field of surgery and beauty. There is growing popularity in decorating lips (ปรับรูปปากและปีกจมูก สำหรับผู้ชาย). like the mouth-watering trend The patients themselves turned to pay more attention to the beauty of the lips. In addition to doing the eyes, nose and other parts, it can also be said to pay attention to every point of beauty on the face. because of having beautiful lips sent to make the face more beautiful and soft and increase self-confidence Some patients just change their lips to make them beautiful and change to a different person.

So, without wasting any time, today we have a special interview with Dr. Ple clinic or Dr. Polsak Worakrai who is recognized as one of the top lip surgeons in Thailand. ten years There are many works until it became a mentioned in the surgery industry both in Thailand and

1. The Problem Of Thai People’s Lips What’s The Matter?

from the experience of Dr. Thais and Asians tend to have problems with lips that are too thick. too droopy lips In addition, the face of Thai people often has a short face structure compared to the proportions of the face the thicker the lips and look more and more dangling In addition, it is the wrinkles of the lips. the mouth is not shaped An accidental scar on the lips that makes many people feel insecure, and there are more and more problems encountered. It is the lip that has complications, tightness, braces, hard scars, and hard kidneys that occur after previous chest-chestnut surgery. Lips with complications from injections of foreign substances

2. How does Dr. Have A Solution To The Problem Of The Tips Mentioned Above?

Doctors have both lip augmentation with surgery. People with thick lips out of proportion does not have a beautiful mouth and injected to fill the lips with fillers For patients with very thin lips or to keep the small details of the lips such as adding moisture to reduce wrinkles or keep the edge of the lips clearer In addition, for cases that have missed surgery or missed lip injections from other clinics The doctor accepted the surgery to correct him. This requires the use of correct, appropriate surgical techniques and meeting the patient’s problems in each case.

3. Why Is The Doctor So Famous? In Regards To Lip Surgery Or Breast-Chestnut Surgery?

Due to lip surgery for a long time. There are many patients, including models, celebrities, net idols, YouTubers, celebrities, both Thai and foreigners. The doctor will pay attention to details in every step. both before surgery during surgery and has closely monitored the patients after the surgery. The so-called Dr.Apple Technique is a technique for lip surgery that can be operated quickly, with less swelling, less bruising, quick recovery, quick access, and very few complications. and if complications arise They can be corrected by surgery easily. Unlike other techniques commonly used

4. Know That The Doctor Has Been Invited To Give Lectures And Demonstrate The Surgical Procedures Every year. How Did The Story Happen?

First of all, I would like to thank the association and the university. who see the importance of lip decoration and was invited to give lectures and demonstrate methods.

in the first step that the doctor came to work in this field Found that there are many cases of patients who have undergone lip surgery and have problems. various complications Whether it’s deformed, tilted, the mouth is constricted, scarred, tight mouth, restrained, hard kidney, some patients may have a lot. Some people may be less After teaching and lecturing The number of patients with complications began to decline. or have some complications But it’s enough to help fix it. not broken until fixing anything Not again like before.

ทำปากและจมูกสำหรับผู้ชาย | คลินิคศัลยกรรมความงาม โดย หมอเปิ้ล

5. How Do You See The Trend Of Lip Surgery In 2022 This year? Or Is There Any Direction?

I think it will be more and more popular. Both surgical cases and lip injection cases, as for the patients themselves, are now more popular with thicker lips. If you make your lips look chapped, they will look more natural and smooth. I don’t like thin lips, sharp chestnuts like in the past. In addition, male patients pay more attention to surgery. Especially the lips increased a lot.

Do not forget that with increasing popularity, both surgical cases and lip injection cases will also follow. Case of complications there will be more Today, at the clinic, there are more patients from other clinics who come to consult and receive corrective surgery.

6. What Would You Like To Give To The Patient?

Every part and every organ in our body is important. The more the organs on the face if there is an abnormality or there is no beauty happening It will be noticeable and difficult to cover the lips themselves.

is soft tissue or mucous membrane which has limited tissue If surgery goes wrong will be difficult to fix Some cases cannot be corrected by surgery. Therefore, the doctor wants the patient to study and seek knowledge thoroughly. Don’t just look at beautiful reviews. alone must understand that “Every surgery There is always a risk, especially with the social media era, the era of intense marketing like this.

Patients should pay more attention to detail and carefully study until they are confident that the place where the mouthpiece is good. Before having lip surgery

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