Vital eye Care Tips for Bloggers & Professionals


Blogging has given us the benefit of working from any location and earning as much as we put in it. It is a blessing that you can write about whatever you want to express and there is a wide range of people out there who love to read them. If you are also a blogger who tends to spend their maximum hours in front of the screen, then eye care tips are highly recommended. It’s highly foremost from bloggers and professionals who sit against the screen for quite a long time to utilise eye care measures.

Our eyes are excessively delicate, there is no major way to keep it protected all the time. Especially after using your digital devices for hours, your eyes turn excessively exhausted and distressed. Blogging requires high time attention on the screen, focus and extreme concentration that leaves many bloggers with several visual discomforts. Hence taking proper care and protection for your eyes is highly vital for survival. Here’s how to take care of your eyes with helpful and eye care tips.

Essential Eye Care Tips To Take Bloggers And Other Professionals

Regulate Computer Font Size and Contrast

Blogging takes a lot of time on your days, hence your attention never goes away from your screen. Hence, in that case, it’s highly recommended to adjust your computer screen at a distance from your eyes. Sitting too close can harm your visuals, so keep a 50-80 cm of distance between the computers and your eyes. The gap between your eyes and computer will help you to get rid of eye strain and headaches you often face. Posing the screen far away can make things tougher for you as well. You won’t be able to read the text on the screen, hence increase the size of the font or zoom out images you view to adjust properly.

Wear Blue light Protection glasses

Even if you are prescribed glasses or not, blue light glasses are highly recommended for better protection against the screen than any other method. Blue light glasses, also known as computer glasses contain a special blue light coating on their lenses along with anti-reflective properties that block or reflect the incoming blue light rays away from your eyes. Blue light rays are highly detrimental for your eyes that are emitted 24/7 from all digital devices screens. It results in eye strain, headache, dry-eyes, burning sensation, watery eyes, and blurry vision.

Blue light glasses help effectively in eradicating all sorts of screen visual issues and reduce the risk of developing progressive vision loss. From bloggers to professionals, everyone who sits against the screen for hours needs active protection to keep their eyes shielded from these harmful artificial light rays. Gamers also wear their gaming glasses with a blue light coating on them to view the screen and avoid visual issues. Gaming glasses with blue light coating helps them get rid of blurry vision and offer a clear and focused viewing experience. You can get these glasses with or without prescription.

computer glasses

Drink Plenty of Water

For bloggers, sitting all day against the screen is not always healthy. Ray from the screen makes your skin dry and makes you feel fatigued. Drinking plenty of water is suggested to keep your body healthy and active. Water helps to improve your skin, hair and vision. You must try to drink 2 litres of water everyday, start it from today and see the benefits on your body and mind. Keep a water bottle on your desk so you are more tempted to drink it quite often.

Take Break from Screen

Don’t just be stuck up on the screen all day long. It will alter your physical and mental well being. It’s important to go outdoors and spend time in nature and fresh air. Besides, taking breaks from work will help you escape the writing block, encourage new ideas and keep you energetic all day long. Hence take frequent breaks and talk to your friends, go out and make a beautiful walk in your neighbourhood. It’s the little things that help us remain calm and peaceful in this busy world. While stepping out in the sun, don’t forget to wear 100% UVA and UVB sunglasses in designer frames to look stunning and remain protected. Don’t forget that sunglasses are just as equal to sunscreen.

Eye Exercises

Just like our body responds well towards exercises like yoga, a daily walk and others, your eyes need eye exercises too. Take breaks in between work to exercise your eyes to relax them. The best eye exercise is the 20-20-20 rule. It’s where you have to stare at an object at 20 feet away after 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Or you can roll your eyes when you experience blurry vision. You can do multiple eye exercises like closing them and after performing a deep breath, slowly let them open up that makes your eyes at ease.

Eye care and blogging go perfectly together hence you must take care of it to ensure clear vision. Follow these helpful eye care tips to see change in your vision and eye condition and improve everyday with every new step.