You can make your own graduation cards with this simple tutorial

You can make your own graduation cards with this simple tutorial

Caps and gowns have been a tradition at graduation ceremonies since the Middle Ages. Graduation is a milestone in a student’s life that marks the start of a new era, so open house invitation  celebrations are common. Create your own graduation cards online or by using a Microsoft Word template if you wish to invite people to your graduation or after party. You will need the following supplies.

Cardboard coated in glossy paper

Printing device

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Go You can also go to an online printing service to design your own graduation card (see Resources for an example of one such service). While there are fewer customization options as compared to creating the card from scratch in Word, you can nonetheless customise the card.


Another option is to choose “Invitations”, ” Cards”, or another similar option. The category for graduation cards may be “Invitations”.


You have a selection of graduation card design options to choose from. Depending on the service, you may also be able to upload your own custom design.


If you are sending out graduation party or ceremony cards, you should include text about the event. Make sure you include the graduation date, grad invites  time, and location, as well as the name of the graduating student. It is your responsibility to customize the text style, font, and card colors according to your preferences.


Please review the card before submitting it for printing. It may be necessary to approve the layout in order to ensure that you want it to print exactly as it appears on your screen.


A template can be found on the Microsoft website. To access the template options, click on “invitations” and then either “event invitations” (see direct link below) or “party invitations”. There must be some that are designed specifically for graduation events.


Open the template file in Microsoft Word by double-clicking the template file after unzipping your desired design.


Place the text about the graduation celebration in the appropriate text boxes. Customise the font and colour of the text as desired.


Your home printer should be able to print the cards. Choose cardboard stock paper that is glossy on one side for the main photo and matte on the other.


If you prefer, you can also e-mail the file to your local copy shop to have it professionally printed. But first, convert the Word document to PDF format using the function. A PDF file is preferred by many printers because the images and text are static (cannot move).