How to Maintain Your Electric Wheelchair

How to Maintain Your Electric Wheelchair

Your electric wheelchair is part of your daily life. Hence, it’s important that you subject it to regular maintenance for optimal functioning. Just like a car, regularly maintaining the wheelchair ensures a reduction in servicing expenses and the hassle of waiting for repairs.

The most important thing is to establish a daily and weekly plan for undertaking certain activities on the wheelchair, such as regular cleaning. Below is an in-depth look at several tips for optimal maintenance of your electric wheelchair.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is a crucial tip for mobile machines. Wash all of the components of the wheelchair after use with spray cleaner or a pail of warm soapy water. The cleaning process is necessary as dirt and food deposits that accumulate over time might accelerate the wear and tear of your wheelchair.

It is also necessary to keep the electric parts dry by covering them with a piece of cloth when cleaning. Moreover, go over the scooter with a clean, dry towel to keep it dry.

Always Have a Toolkit

Assemble an electric wheelchair toolkit to make the task of maintaining it simpler. This will also reduce the cost of hiring the tools or looking for a professional maintenance service provider on small tasks.

Moreover, store these items in a lockable box or a bag. Some of the standard tools include:

  • Screwdrivers
  • A cleaning brush
  • A bucket
  • Small cleaning cloths
  • A towel
  • Mild cleanser in a spray bottle or cleaner to be diluted in a pail of water
  • A second bucket for wash water if not using a spray cleaner

Note that you can never clean your electric wheelchair with an oily cleanser, particularly the tires.

Tire Maintenance

Many electric wheelchair models use tubeless tires. They employ a sealant that covers the inside tire wall instead of an inner tube. This helps to keep flats at bay. Maintaining adequate air pressure is critical if your electric wheelchair has tubeless tires.

Fill them to the recommended pressure as per the user handbook or tire writings. This is necessary as tires with lower pressure than recommended may cause wobbling or sideway swerving. On the other hand, overinflated tires may result in uneven wear and tear.

Keeping the Wheelchair Dry

The atmosphere has certain elements that may cause corrosion on your electric wheelchair. Hence, it’s essential to dry the wheelchair after every use. Ensure you pay extra attention to the electric components that can easily break down upon exposure to too much moisture, including the controller. Drying the parts is crucial as it’s impossible not to use the electric wheelchairs in the rain or snow.

The power control panel is the most vital component, and its maintenance involves covering it with a transparent plastic bag to protect it from rainy or snowy weather. This is per the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services.

Battery Maintenance

Charging is vital for the long-term use of your battery. As such, ensure you charge it regularly, even when the power wheelchair is not in use. This tip also increases the battery life, saving you the replacement cost.

Below are other maintenance tips for optimal battery maintenance:

  • Maintain the battery charge above 70% during the first ten days of battery usage.
  • Ensure that the charge is consistently above 20% for the rest of the days.
  • Use an original charger, preferably the one that came with the chair after purchase.