Why Zippers are Used in Jeans for Women

Why Zippers are Used in Jeans for Women

Do You Have Any Idea Why Zippers Are Used In Women’s Jeans?

You might have noticed the smaller pockets in women’s jeans compared to those in men’s jeans. But if you are observant enough, you will surely notice that their zippers are also different.

These days, jeans are no longer a mere fashion statement because they have also become essential items. Jeans have also become a staple not only in metropolitan cities but also in rural areas.

If you check the market, you will also find all types of jeans, including skinny, boyfriend, skinny fit, parallel, loose fit, mid-waist, low waist, high waist, ankle length and so much more.

It is all a matter of choosing what type of jeans you want. And when it comes to jeans, you will also get to see many differences in the making of men’s and women’s jeans.

The primary difference is that men’s jeans feature very large pockets while women’s jeans either have very small pockets or they do not have pockets at all. The reason for this difference is the belief in the fashion industry that a woman’s figure would look bad because of the stuff kept in the pocket. This is why the pockets of women’s jeans are made smaller.

Now that you know about the pockets, do you know why zippers are used in women’s jeans? Most people think that this is a design made from the beginning. What they don’t know is that there are actually more reasons why zippers are used in women’s jeans.

Women’s Jeans and Their Zippers

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You might have noticed that the zippers in women’s jeans are thinner and smaller than those in men’s jeans. The zippers are even slimmer in skinny-fit jeans. This is not only for the purpose of serving as a fashion accessory because the function of these zippers is to make women’s jeans flexible.

During the 1800s, in a time when jeans were made for laborers, many women didn’t do any labor work. However, they gradually started to do so. Women’s body structure used to be different from that of men and women’s waist size was bigger as well.

At first, the jeans that were manufactured were very less flexible, so the zipper was used to let the jeans keep up with the figure of women to let them easily climb and descend over a woman’s hips without too much trouble.

Zippers can now be bigger or smaller, depending on the specific make of the jeans.

Why are Zippers Thin in Women’s Jeans?

This one has something to do with the figure of women. When the zipper is made thicker and bigger like men’s jeans, the lower abdomen and the private part of women will also look a bit bloated. This will not look great, and this is why the zipper of women is designed only so that the jeans can easily climb over their hips without making a woman’s figure appear bloated. This is also the reason why the pockets in the design of jeans are kept smaller.

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