Plantnery No.1 Anit-Acne Serum in Thailand

Plantnery No.1 Anit-Acne Serum in Thailand

It is well known that the most fertile plant must be in the appropriate terrain, and climate and another important thing is the time of spring has arrived.

This is the time when more than 80% of the world’s plants, which are tropical plants, bloom and bear fruit. Moreover, if the plant is cultivated with special care, gentle sunlight, clean air, fertile

moist soil and clean water without impurities. It will be a fully grown plant.

Plantnery is a skincare and beauty products brand made from natural plant extracts. Under the concept of “Natural Effective Beauty”. Plantnery selects extracts and active ingredients from plants that are specially treated to deliver the power of natural beauty to the healthy skin of billions of people around the world.

Plantnery Products

  • Plantnery cica centella ceramide eye cream
  • Plantnery face mask exclusive set
  • Plantnery tea tree ferment essence
  • Plantnery yuzu orange vit c ferment essence
  • Plantnery pomegranate apricot seed scrub
  • Plantnery yuzu lemon peel scrub
  • Plantnery mushroom night repair serum

Plantnery’s 7 Promises

PLANTNERY act with integrity. For the power of healthy beauty to our customers. According to the foundation of the philosophy of nature and balance.

Plantnery Tea Tree Intense Serum 30 ml – PLANTNERY

1.Plantnerywill select and find the power of the best natural beauty.

  1. Plantnery strives to create the best products with honesty at a cost-effective price that everyone can use natural beauty.
  2. Plantnery will support the cultivation of crops from farmers and local experts with the traditional organic way without chemical impurity.
  3. Plantnery will continue to research and develop the benefits of nature.

5.Plantnery will support environmentally friendly design. And support the use of renewable energy in manufacturing plants including our entire partner supply chain.

  1. Plantnery strive to be an important part of driving development for the sustainable conservation of nature.
  2. Plantnery will strive to live an environmentally friendly way of life to maintain beautiful nature.



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