Know deeply abo ut “Hormonal Blemish”. How To Treat It Properly?

Know deeply abo ut “Hormonal Blemish”. How To Treat It Properly?

Dr. Anna Skincare believes that melasma is one of the most distressing things for many people. Whether it’s a man or a woman, there is a chance that melasma can form on the face. But did you know that there is another type of melasma that only happens to girls, which is “ hormonal melasma ” because it has a direct relationship with female hormones? Today they would like to invite girls Let’s get to know this type of melasma better, what it is and what causes it. in order to be treated properly

What is Hormonal Melasma?

Melasma is caused by the melanin pigment under the skin that malfunctions. They tend to be brown circles and can be deeply embedded in the skin cells. The areas where melasma is easily affected are the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and the forehead. The main factors that cause melasma are sunlight, heredity, and skin irritation. including hormones The hormonal melasma usually occurs in females between the ages of 25 – 55 years and is found near menopause. due to changes in the hormone progesterone and estrogen Stimulates the pigment cells to work abnormally. Melasma can also be divided into 2 types which are shallow and deep ceilings as well.

Get to know “Progesterone” and “Estrogen”

Hormones are chemicals produced by the body to act in conjunction with other organs. Their function is to maintain a normal environment in the body for the growth of cells and tissues within the body. Hormones are secreted by the endocrine glands. tubes and seep into the blood vessels can be divided into progesterone hormone (Progesterone) is the female hormone involved in pregnancy. and will be higher when pregnant or menstruating The hormone estrogen (Estrogen) is a female hormone that the body naturally produces from the ovaries.

Overexposure to progesterone and estrogen. Can stimulate the production of pigment in the skin that is abnormal and uneven. Therefore, it is another reason that the melasma on the face of women can appear darker, especially during pregnancy (Mark of Pregnancy). In addition, contraceptive injections or taking birth control pills that directly affect hormones can also stimulate melasma. as well

How To Treat Hormonal Melasma?

As mentioned above, hormonal melasma is directly related to female sex hormones. Stopping hormonal-affecting medications and normalizing hormonal balance, such as oral contraceptives It has a chance to help fade blemishes. May consult a doctor to find a new method of contraception. but normally When the hormones return to balance, the melasma will gradually fade by itself. However, if there is still melasma on the face even if they are not during pregnancy, girls can take care of themselves together. by avoiding other factors that will stimulate melasma whether it is preventing radiation from the sun Eating nutritious food, exercising and getting enough rest. And avoid stress. In addition, you may try to find a good freckle cream or a good freckle reducing (ครีมลดฝ้ากระ) vitamin to use to help heal blemishes. Dr. Anna Skincare recommends Advanced Melas Clear freckle cream and freckle reduce vitamins.Dr. Anna Salmon Gluta C, a helper that can effectively and safely eliminate hormonal blemishes.

Know deeply about “hormonal blemish”, the villain on the face for girls.  How to treat it properly?

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Advanced Melas Clear Freckle Cream

Quickly reduce dark spots and freckles (ครีมลดฝ้ากระ). Help solve problems on the spot by reducing melanin production in both the superficial and deep layers of the skin inhibits all stages of pigmentation It also helps prevent freckles in the long run. Helps reduce dark circles and adjust the skin color to look consistent. No substances harmful to the skin It is safe because it has been certified by the FDA.

Know deeply about “hormonal blemish”, the villain on the face for girls.  How to treat it properly?

Vitamins to reduce freckles Dr. Anna Salmon Gluta C

Freckles reducer (ครีมลดฝ้ากระ) Dr. Anna Salmon Gluta C helps to stimulate skin cell turnover. Helps keep skin healthy and look more radiant Freckles and dark spots look faded. Contains anti-oxidants It also contains collagen and hyaluronic acid to increase skin elasticity. Reduce sagging and wrinkles

It’s over for the knowledge about hormonal blemishes that we bring together. Hope the girls will get to know more about hormonal blemishes. And let’s try to apply the advice for clearer skin. If anyone is interested in ordering products from Dr. Anna Skincare


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