The Best CSGO Gun

The Best CSGO Gun

Why struggle to rank up when you can find CSGO accounts for sale on U7Buy? Counter Strike 2 is a challenging game. Your performance depends on several factors. The CSGO gun you choose are among these factors. The game has over 20 weapons to choose from. Some are good, some are bad, and some depend on the current situation. It doesn’t sound like there are many choices. But these Counter Strike 2 weapons should be on your priority list.

Desert Eagle – Pistol

This is one of the CSGO weapons that require skill. It has just seven bullets and costs $700. Players need accuracy and shot control to be able to use this weapon effectively. The Deagle is the nickname of this weapon. This is a powerful pistol. It is renowned for its stopping power and design. The in-game Desert Eagle looks like its real-world counterpart. It features a distinctive chrome finish. The barrel is large and elongated.

AWP – Sniper Rifle

The AWP is one of the best CSGO guns. It is also one of the most powerful and expensive. The AWP will cost you $4,750. If you know how to use it, you can do one-shot kills from a distance. However, it has drawbacks. The weapon is heavy and takes a long time to reload. When you move, you lose accuracy.

P250 – Pistol

The P250 is one of the preferred Counter Strike 2 weapons thanks to its decent price and matching performance. It costs $250. If you stand at a distance and your enemy is not protected by armor, you can do a one-shot head-shot with this weapon. You should go for the P250 on maps such as Inferno. The pistol has a magazine capacity of 13 and 100% penetration power.

AK 47 – Assault Rifle

Most players agree that the AK47 is the best weapon. It is a Terrorists’ weapon and it seems to have no con. The players choose the AK 47 over other assault rifles because it has amazing first-shot accuracy. It can also kill enemies with head-shots even if they wear armor. The AK 47 costs $2,700.

Nova – Shotgun

The Nova is a shotgun that can be used by both teams. The price is $1050. This is one of the deadliest CSGO guns when you fight in close-range encounters. Against an unarmored enemy, the Nova has the potential to do a single-shot kill. It does 234 damage and has a rate of fire of 68 rounds per minute.

SSG 08 – Sniper Rifle

Some players prefer a more mobile and aggressive play style. Then the SSG 08 sniper rifle be their go-to pick. It has a penetration of 250, deals 88 damage, and has a reload time of 3.7 seconds. Even though the damage is far from impressive, the armor penetration makes up for it. The price of this weapon that can be used by both teams is $1700.

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