Summer Travel Safety

Summer Travel Safety

With the full heat of summer upon us, many of us are taking time to head out to vacation spots world wide, with the boring meetings and mundane chores of everyday existence left behind. They give way to the excitement of summer travel and summer fun. Let’s hope that while we’re at it, we don’t forget some simple facts about summer travel, and incorporate summer travel safety into our fun plans.

We all love the thought of endless nights and warm sun filled days on the beach.

Summer time, for everyone is filled with freedom. For the children, freedom from the confines of school or babysitter, time to spend with their families, and time to just relax and unwind.

For those of us who are on vacation from work, it looks essentially the same. We’re all thrilled by the idea of no work for a few days or a week, and we head out over the highway to gain a small measure of freedom from the day to day grind. Summer travel safety should pay a small part in any travels that we take.

Our travels will take us in many directions. The beach, the amusement park, the aquarium or even the distant shores of some other state or country so that we can find that precious time to ourselves and give ourselves time to relax and to forget the daily grind. Make sure that when you do head out over the road, that summer travel safety is attended to prior to taking your leave, so that your Funpub will be not just enjoyable and relaxing, but also, safe and free of incident.

The small travelers, your children will likely be with you on your sojourn. Make sure that their safety is well tended to prior to leaving. Bear in mind that no child is safe if he or she is under twelve months old, or less than twenty pounds unless they are well strapped into a rear facing infant seat.

Likewise your child who is over a year old may be placed in a car seat that faces forward, and will grow with them up to the forty pound limit, however they will need that summer travel safety assurance until that time.

When you travel with your children, don’t forget to bring a long a first aid kit, even if it’s only the bare basics.

Select Tylenol, Band-Aids, Neosporin and after bite sting or bite relief to take with you on your travels. To assure that you have all the basic essentials you can create your own summer travel safety kit.