Unisex Fashion Is Making Waves

Unisex Fashion Is Making Waves

Centuries ago, unisex fashion was an unthinkable concept – women had their clothing, men had theirs. Nowadays, with gender stereotypes being broken and people becoming more aware of terms such as non-binary and gender-fluid, the fashion industry has started to get all the more involved. After all, fashion is meant to be for everyone, regardless of background, age, gender or style. In an industry known for its lack of tolerance, some designers are taking part in a ground-breaking movement – adding fluidity to the industry, through unisex fashion.

Celebrities such as Harry Styles, Timothée Chalamet and Billie Eilish are breaking the rules when it comes to gender-orientated fashion. Besides, what is considered typically masculine and feminine nowadays? This  hasn’t come without its controversies of course- note that Harry Styles was recently accused of “queerbaiting” through both his style and “ambiguous sexuality”. But it still shows that times are changing, and hopefully, evolving for the better.

What kinds of gender-fluid styles are coming out right now? Let us explain…

Unisex Jewellery

Unisex jewellery is in and here to stay. Everyone deserves a little sparkle, and more and more brands don’t want to play it safe anymore. Labels are creating gender-neutral pieces that have packs of personality. Beautiful, ornate jewels are available for all. Brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Missoma and Lemaire are bringing unisex jewellery to the forefront of their collections, and we’re all here for it!

Unisex Skirts

Once deemed “feminine”, skirts are now a wardrobe staple that can be worn by men too. Though kilts have been worn by men for years, tailored skirts are now available for everyone. Flattering, mid-length pieces with unique design details will be in your wardrobe for the seasons to come and can even be worn with trainers, or with brogues for a bold yet classy look. Thom Browne is the king when it comes to unisex skirts, and we love the trademark red, white and blue stripe detailing to the side for a luxe finish.

Unisex Handbags

Handbags were once seen as a woman’s accessory above all., Then came the man bag – though nowadays there’s no real gender differentiation between the two. Handbags are now for everyone, and classic, black leather styles can go with any outfit. These pieces  will also enhance your outfits,  allowing  you to carry your belongings safely. Invest in a black handbag with a crossbody chain for easy wear.

Unisex Sportswear

Sportswear has been innately unisex for a while, though more and more brands are now trying to show their inclusivity by making gender-fluid clothing for you to hit the gym in. Brands such as Nike and Adidas are bringing in more and more items to adapt to the changing times – and we’re not just talking shoes! Clothing and baseball caps are available for anyone, no matter what gender you identify with, if any at all.

Unisex Clothing

Unisex fashion is here to deconstruct our preconceptions of style and gender. Brands are in turn brainstorming more and more ideas for gender-inclusive clothing. Designers want to better their collections by making them more inclusive and accepting of others  Cropped pullovers and hoodies are now available for any gender, and aren’t just available at stores for teenage girls. Brands need to set themselves a goal of being genderless, and not just jumping on a bandwagon.

Before this movement, the only pieces that could be seen as unisex are certain types of denim jeans, t-shirts and jumpers. Now, we are becoming more open-minded about what items can be worn by who. The fact is, there should be no rules. In fact, some men purchase from women’s brands, and some women buy their clothing from men’s brands, showing the growing need for unisex brands altogether. There’s freedom in fluidity.