What Are The Occasions That Make People Buy Gifts?

What Are The Occasions That Make People Buy Gifts?

Did you know that gift giving is preferred to receiving gifts? Giving gifts is all about expressing love, support, joy and that feeling when you know you’ve found that perfect gift for your loved one, the excitement awaiting their reaction, can be too much!

There’s always an opportunity to give gifts, whether it’s a birthday, national holiday, personal achievement, or simply to show your love, the list is endless! But let’s look at gift-giving and some top occasions when you should do so.

How The Gift-Giving Started!

Giving gifts has been practiced for thousands of years, since cavemen, leaders of tribes have given presents to people who have done something significant for their group, although I’m sure we’ve come a long way since then!

Through her goal to bring love to the globe, the lovely Roman goddess Venus had a part in the history of gift-giving in Greek mythology. Roses and pleasantly fragrant flowers were among Venus’s emblems, demonstrating her commitment to beauty and conveying love to everybody. She’s a big reason why sending flowers is so renowned and has been a symbol of love and appreciation for centuries.

Gift-giving is now practiced in all civilisations throughout the world. Some see it as their love language others simply see it as a nice gesture for all sorts of significant events and holidays. So, what are the key dates to keep in mind when thinking of purchasing a gift?

Top Occasions to Give Gifts!


Birthdays are a wonderful occasion to commemorate someone’s birth. Birthday presents for newborns, children, teenagers, and adults are very popular. Birthdays in the sixteenth, eighteenth, twenty-first, and the subsequent decades are seen as particularly big occasions, in recent years adding that personalised aspect to gifts can make your gift not just any old present but a reminder of that birthday and a true reflection the personality of that individual.


Anniversaries are an excellent time to celebrate love and marriage, whether it’s your first year of dating, engagement, marriage, or your Golden Anniversary. Couples will usually exchange gifts to show their love and appreciation for each other to remember this day and celebrate the year together.


Weddings are such a key milestone for any couple, whether the celebrations are big or small they’re ultimately celebrating and solidifying this transition into married life. Many couples will receive gifts on this occasion whether this be from a gift register or more personalised items remembering the day / date, which they can look back on from years to come.


Baby showers and births are the opportunity to celebrate a new life and member to the family! Close friends and family will use the baby shower to shower the expecting mother with essentials and gifts in preparation for the baby, once the baby is here people will also show their love for this new addition by sending gifts. These gifts can be anything from baby clothing, books, stuffed animals or toys along with gifts for the family involved to remember their journey and to celebrate the birth.


Christmas is the season of love and giving. People all around the world get into the festive spirit, decorating their house, putting up the Christmas tree and getting ready to celebrate the holidays with family of loved ones. Giving gifts at Christmas represents the three wise men giving gifts to baby Jesus in the manger at his birth. But religious or not gift giving at Christmas is one of the key parts of the holiday and busiest time for retailers.

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