What Is A Promise Ring Meant For?

What Is A Promise Ring Meant For?

A simple ring or piece of jewelry that is given as a pledge of commitment is known as a promise ring or a pre-engagement ring. The promise ring can represent purity and the resolve to remain single until marriage in particular situations. Yellow gold promise rings, bands with gemstones other than diamonds, heart-shaped women promise ring, and even diamond promise ring with stones that aren’t quite as stunning as the diamonds in engagement rings are just a few examples of the many kinds available.

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The History of Promise Rings

How does a promise ring is presented has a rich history? Similar to how rings of various types are used now to represent pledges, a promise ring was used to seal a promise in antiquity. To represent their spiritual “marriage” or relationship with the church, bishops would wear rings. On the morning of Ascension every year, dignitaries in Venice, Italy, reaffirmed the “marriage promise” between the city and the Adriatic Sea by throwing a ring into the ocean.

The ancestors of modern promise rings can be seen in the 16th and 17th centuries when they were traded as signs of adoration or friendship. The “poesy ring” was given to a friend or lover and had a sentiment or promise engraved on it. Another well-liked design was the “scribbling ring,” which was used by lovers to etch passionate vows onto glass windowpanes. It was set with uncut diamond chips. Although rings have long been used to represent promises, the word “promise ring” is relatively recent. In reality, it was only used for the first time in a dictionary of jewelry terms in the 1970s, which is a few decades later.

The Meaning of a Promise Ring

There are several ways to explain the significance of promise rings in modern times. Every promise ring is offered as a symbol of a particular commitment two people have made to one another. Among the most typical interpretations of promise rings are:


In order to signify their vow to always be there for one another, good friends occasionally exchange promise rings. Promise rings are frequently given as a sign of a couple’s shared resolve to maintain monogamy throughout a romantic partnership. After becoming engaged, some couples decide to wear promise rings.

Abstinence or Chastity

When given by a parent to a child, promise rings are sometimes known as “purity rings” and represent the vow to remain sober and celibate until marriage.


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The commitment to a relationship that is on the verge of becoming engaged is probably the most typical meaning of a promise ring for couples. A promise ring is also referred to as a pre-engagement ring when you believe your partner is the one for you but isn’t quite ready for marriage.

Promises Made to Yourself

A person may purchase a promise ring for herself in various circumstances to act as a constant reminder to remain steadfast and dedicated to a particular purpose. These rings may serve as a reminder to the wearer to remain true to herself, avoid harmful people or situations, or keep a positive outlook in the face of difficulty.

How To Give a Promise Ring?

It’s crucial to think about how to present a promise ring. It’s crucial, to be honest when delivering a promise ring, especially if it includes a diamond, about what the ring means and the conditions of the commitment it represents. The recipient can mistake the promise ring for an engagement ring if you don’t do this. It may be beneficial to compose a brief statement outlining your interpretation of the promise ring’s significance. Before opening the box holding the ring, have the intended recipient read the note. This eliminates the possibility of mistakes between an engagement ring and a promise ring.

As gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, promise rings are frequently given. If you choose to present the recipient with a promise ring on a particular occasion, make sure to wrap it in wrapping paper just like you would any other gift. Many people come up with romantic ways to present commitment rings to their partners.

However, while considering how to present the ring to the receiver, you don’t have to be ornate. People frequently shop for promise rings with one another, especially if the ring is intended to represent friendship or abstinence. For instance, parents who give their kids purity rings frequently let them choose the bands so they are more enthusiastic about wearing them.

How to Wear a Promise Ring?

Although promise rings can be worn on any finger, most individuals opt to wear them on the right hand’s ring finger to avoid confusion with an engagement or wedding band. The receiver may decide to wear the ring on her left ring finger to signify that she will soon be engaged if it was presented to her as a pre-engagement promise ring. Promise rings may even occasionally be attached to a straightforward chain and worn as a necklace. The recipient can choose how she feels most comfortable wearing her new band because there aren’t really any regulations when it comes to wearing a promise ring. What a promise ring means to you will be specific to your circumstances and relationship because a promise ring can signify a variety of things.