What is the Difference Between a Wig and also a Toupee?

What is the Difference Between a Wig and also a Toupee?

If you’re new to the globe of hair systems, you might think that wigs and toupees are the same. After all, they are both non-surgical hair replacement systems that are put on and cover the head with artificial or real human hair.

Yet despite that, there are likewise some crucial distinctions between them, each having its own advantages and downsides.

Concerning Wigs

Wigs are hair systems that cover the whole head of the wearer. They have generally been utilized to hide the scalps of completely bald or clean shaven and have been worn as early as Ancient Egyptian times. There are also clinical wigs offered that are perfect for those undertaking chemotherapy, detected with cancer, alopecia or other clinical problems triggering lasting loss of hair.

In addition, recently, celebrities have used wigs to try out various hairstyles or make a fashion statement, while actors also wear them for certain functions. A straightforward Google search of the Kardashian family members wearing wigs is enough to show you just how accepted hair systems remain in society today, with numerous routine individuals currently wearing them as well.

Wigs can be elastically used as well as with tape or special glue and also can be found in all types of hairstyles. At Superhairpieces, the basic dimension for a wig or toupee is 8×10 however, anything in between that size and also 11×13 is typically thought about as an added large toupee or a partial wig. Anything above 11×13 is a wig.

Regarding Toupees

Conversely, Toupees are part of a wig that covers certain areas of the scalp but not the complete head. They are normally used by men greater than ladies, provided the common hair loss locations as a result of male pattern baldness hair loss guys will certainly still have hair development on the sides as well as the rear of their heads. The female match hair toppers.

However, toupees can likewise be put on to cover just particular areas of the scalp, such as a baldness crown or the front to hide receding hairlines. Like wigs, toupees are additionally progressively approved in culture and also used by a number of individuals. They are likewise used using tape or unique adhesive and can be customized.

At Superhairpieces, the basic dimension for a wig or toupee is 8×10 however, anything listed below that size is normally thought about a toupee.

Benefits of Wigs

Contrasted to a toupee, with wigs, you’re covering your head entirely and also do not require to fret about the hair system matching your very own hair when it comes to length, shade and density. In the process, you don’t have to bother with whether any kind of part of your hair is bald or thinning when you are outside since you have complete hair insurance coverage.

Additionally, because you are completely covering your head with a wig, there is generally less work and upkeep than a toupee when it involves designing and the whole application procedure.

Wigs likewise tend to last longer than toupees, as they can last up to two years depending on just how frequently it’s put on and preserved. Toupees, in contrast, can last approximately six months with the even more natural-looking pieces being less durable.

Finally, there’s also the added benefit of wigs enabling you to embrace or try out totally brand-new hairdos, whether it’s for personal, fashion or cosplay factors.

Benefits of Toupees

Toupees are advantageous for those not seeking to shave their head completely and just seeking to mask the baldness locations on their head. Have a balding or thinning crown? All you require is a toupee to cover that location as well as it will match the rest of your hair, provided it is applied and styled correctly.

An additional advantage is that it will look more natural than a full wig, as wigs tend to look as well excellent, which could draw out suspicions from family members, buddies and associates. Toupees, on the other hand, will certainly mix with your all-natural hair. Toupees can also be worn to sleep as they don’t drop compared to full cap wigs, which must be removed.

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Last but not least, they are a more inexpensive choice generally compared to full cap wigs, given that they don’t cover the complete head.

Wig As Well As Toupee Stats

According to our data here at Superhairpieces, 98 percent of males who purchase hair systems select human hair toupees, while 2 percent buy human hair wigs. At the same time, just a very few opt for artificial hair toupees for guys.

In contrast, 70 percent of ladies acquire human hair mattress toppers– the matching of men’s toupees– while 30 percent of women buy human hair wigs.


Both wigs and also toupees give you immediate outcomes as well as need upkeep like any other hair system, yet as kept in mind over, each has its very own special benefits and negative aspects.

Eventually, the decision lies on you and also on what your needs are